Films Featured in the 5th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival:

Featured Film:
Forget Me Not

Wacky Scientists:
Then and Now, That Thing from Outer Space, Blue Apple

Films from GBSD [Gov. Baxter School for the Deaf]:
Alice, Rose’s Rascals!

Stories from Gallaudet:
The G Files, A Journey of Gallaudet Protest, Let’s Meet Gideon

Deaf People and War:
Exodus, Deaf People and the battle of Okinawa

‘Being British’ and ‘Lonely in Norway’:
Coming Out, Spirit of the Letter, Deaf Person’s Guide to the Sound Sensitive, Cafe Lyon, Nilsen

Adventures around the World:
Dietro Mondo Parts 1 & 2, The Last Deaf, Keychain

Believing and Sinning:
Sticky Situation, Pardoned, Seven Deadly Sins

Life and Death:
Til Domestic Violence Do Us Part, Page Me, And I die Soon, Vital Signs, Resonare


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