Films Featured in the 6th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival:

Laying the Groundwork: History of Oppression:
Introductions, I Think – Therefore I Am

Young, Deaf Filmmakers: Lighter Fare of Animation, Humor and Adventures:
Deaf Way & Golfhead, Nice N Ezy, Blind Date, Dr. Black, Schizophrenia, Loveless, Lonely and a Loser,  Pieces

Playing With Stereotypes: Hearing? Deaf? No one gets spared!:
Audism, Bionic Hand Implant, Four Deaf Yorkshire Men, Chalkboard

Featured Films:
The Deaf Family, A Permanent Grave

Deaf Student Filmmakers, Part II: Heavier Things:
Numb, Dottie’s Ride, Paint It Loud!

Sign Language Poetry:
Bewogen, La Goutte D’Eau

Wave of the Future: Experimental Sign Language Cinematography:
Vital Signs, White Sound, Horatio


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