Films Featured in the 7th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival:

Animation and Early Shorts:
Deaf Bugs I, The Forest, Ameslan Animals, Orange, Slip of the Foot, “Handful” Airport

Planet of the Deaf:
Land of the Deaf, Through the Hands, Bald Brothers, God’s Punishment, Redeaf Planet, Three Wishes Wasted

Experimental Shorts:
The Tortoise and the Hare, Pay Attention, The Stranger That Signs, Flipped, Deaf Skateboarders, Out of Limb, The Hitchhiker, The Bet, Our Song, Deaf Man

Signing Hands Talking Heads, Re-Defining Deaf

Student Films:
Trouble at the Driftwood, Stoked

Featured Film:
The Caretaker

British Comic Relief:
Four Deaf Yorkshiremen, Four Deaf Yorkshiremen and the Missing Wife

Dark Secrets:

A Brutal Awakening, Carter, The Guest, The Blue Box


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