Films Featured in the 9th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival:

Music ASL Videos:
I’m Deaf, Deaf not Dumb, Smells Like Victory, Just the Way You Are, What’s Love Got To Do With It?, I Don’t Need Your Cure!

The Lion, Rubbish Monster and Twisted Fate, Deafhood The Journey, Fish Cultural Identification, Cheeseburger Story, The Deaf Moth Theory, The Hotel Joke and Conversations with Doctors

Light Shorts:
Deaf Perception, Ladies Special, Catch & Release, Parking Meter and Persistence

Deaf in Pink, Anna’s Silent Struggle

Featured Films:
See What I’m Saying
Catch Santa
Beyond Essays, Deaf Man, Raw

About Gallaudet:
Gallaudet: The Movie, The Gallaudet Syndrome: Rebirth

A Holocaust Story:

British Humor:
Fairytale of London Town, The Fingerspellers, Deaf Mugger, Hands Solo


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