Films Featured in the 10th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival:

Best Short Films in Ten Years of Maine Deaf Film Festival:
Alice and the Aurifactor, To Have/To Find, Mr. V, Text Batteries and Earwax, Don’t Mind, Coming Out, Deaf Person’s Guide to the Sound Sensitive, Vital Signs, Chalkboard, Four Deaf Yorkshiremen, Horatio, Deaf Man, A Fishy Tale, The Compost, A Million Pounds Don’t Come For Free, Fish Cultural Identification, Cheeseburger Story, The Deaf Moth Theory, The Hotel Joke, Conversations with Doctors, Beyond Essays

Music ASL Videos:
We’re Going To Be Friends, Hero, Let’s Mambo, Hammer

Chasing Cotton Clouds

Science Fiction:
Exit the Sun, The End

Five Needles, Deaf Austrians and National Socialism: The Clubs

Featured Films:
Resoled, The Hammer, Signing On, Austin Unbound

Deaf cops, lawyers, and a dog:
Deaf Beat, Gone with the Time, The Shredder

Artistic Pursuits:
Silent Classics: The Propietor, Interstice, Deaf Jam, White Space

British Dramatic Comedy:
Admit None, 50/50, Otherside


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