Tonight we start our 10th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival!!

Come join us!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: 7:00 – 9:30pm
Payson Smith Hall, Room 303
University of Southern Maine Campus
95 Bedford St.
Admission: FREE!

We will feature films done locally and across the globe.  Schedule is subject to change.

7:00 pm – Introductions

7:10 pm – Our Locally Made film
Resoled, US, 2011, 50 min., ASL. Director: Robert Gillies with students at the Portland High School. Resoled is the story of Harry, a door to door salesman, who sells a product of dubious value. With his sales numbers down, he is given one last chance to keep his job. Out on the streets, his luck does not improve. Indeed, it seems his fortunes have dipped even further as his shoes start to fall apart. But chance has brought Harry to a cobbler’s store, and his encounters inside could end up fixing more than just his shoes.

8:00 pm – Guest Speaker: Director Rob Gillies and students involved with the film

8:15 pm – Deaf cops, lawyers and a dog
Deaf Beat
, UK, 2011, 17 min, BSL/English subtitles. Director: Jonathan Reid. In this crime-caper, Deaf Beat follows two detectives as they work to catch a prolific swindler targeting the Deaf Community.
Gone with the time, UK, 2011, 10 min, BSL/English subtitles. Produced by: Zebra Uno. Tells the story set in Victorian times about a divorced couple brought together unexpectedly by a lawyer who holds a mysterious will they know nothing about.  They lawyer explains in order to unlock the contents to the will, it’s crucial they go to an unknown location and search for the key. 
The Shredder
, US, 2012, 3.25 min, no dialogue. Director: Trevor Patten. A man finds a creative approach to shredding documents.

9:05 pm – Artistic Pursuits I
Silent Classics: The Proprietor, US, 2011, 20 min, ASL/English subtitles. Director: Fred E. Gravatt. As just a young boy at the school for the Deaf, a Deaf man becomes a devoted silent film fan and pursues silent acting like the great Charlie Chaplin. His love of the genre becomes a dream of creating a home-based movie theatre dedicated to silent films. After overcoming various circumstances, the man succeeds in collecting over 700 silent classic films and making his movie theatre a reality.
Interstice, France, 2011, 24 min, French Sign Language/English subtitles. Directors: Matthias Berger and Pierre Schmitt. From Arnhem to Toulouse, from Paris to Strasbourg, we follow Hocine, a young Deaf performer. Around him, a crew of Deaf and hearing artists gather and get to work together during a week- long project where two universes merge: sign meets sounds. Interstice intends to extend this space where encounter between artists, filmmakers and the public is a process and experience.

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