TONIGHT – APRIL 23, 2014

Join us at Nickelodeon Cinemas – 1 Temple St. Portland, Maine, 7:30 PM for the showing of The House Across The Street. Q&A with Filmmaker Arthur Luhn. Join us after the show at MJ’s Wine Bar – One City Center, Portland, Maine 04101

film schedule / pricing

  Maine Deaf Film Festival Schedule / Pricing Information Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Nickelodeon, 1 Temple Street, Portland, ME 04101 207-772-9751 7:00 PM – The House Across The Street, US, Horror/Thriller, 1 hour 30 mins. $8 / Free for USM Students with valid ID. This film is NOT YET RATED and may not Read more…

Save the Date!!

The date has been set for the 11th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival! Save the date: Friday, April 12th & Saturday, April 13, 2013! Still at the University of Southern Maine’s Talbot Lecture Hall [Luther Bonney Auditorium]. We are also partnering with a workshop being held Thursday April 11th and Read more…

Final Day is Here!

Join us as we wrap up our last day of our festival today!
And celebrate 10 years tonight after our last film with our wrap up party at Margarita’s! 11 Brown St, Portland!

1/2 Day Saturday [afternoon 1-5:00pm or evening 6:30-10:30p]:
General Admission: $8
Seniors, children, non-USM students with ID: $5
USM Students: FREE with USM ID
Reception 5-6:30p at the 7th Floor Glickman Library Ticket holders for either 1/2 day gain access to the reception.

Full Day Saturday [1-10:30p]:
General Admission: $14
Seniors, children, non-USM students with ID: $10
USM Students: FREE with USM ID
Reception 5-6:30p at the 7th Floor Glickman Library


Day Two Begins Tonight!

Tonight is our retrospective of our past 9 years! Come celebrate and enjoy the best films shown in our previous festivals! Join us for Deaf Night Out at Bull Feeney’s after tonight! 375 Fore St, Portland.  Directions can be found here

THURSDAY NIGHT – A Retrospective: 7:30 – 10:30p;
Deaf Night Out After the last film at Bull Feeney’s, 375 Fore St, Portland

Luther Bonney Talbot Auditorium
95 Bedford St
University of Southern Maine Portland Campus

General Admission: $5
USM Students FREE with Student ID

We will look back on our previous festival years and view our favorite selected shorts over the years. Schedule is subject to change.

7:30 pm – Introductions
7:40 pm –
From 2003:

Alice and the Aurifactor, Germany, 1995, 28 min, German Sign Language with German and English subtitles. Director: Jorg Fockele.
From 2004:
To Have/To Find, USA, 1991, 6 min, ASL. Director: Susan Dupor. This hand-animated film is the tale of a young Deaf girl’s escape from reality with her dog, Lucky. The film draws upon the artist’s personal experiences.
From 2005:
Mr. V, USA 3.5 min, ASL and English subtitles. Director: Wayne Betts. The intrepid Mr. V scales tremendous obstacles and the kitchen table. Where is he going and what will he find?



Tonight we start our 10th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival!!

Come join us!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: 7:00 – 9:30pm
Payson Smith Hall, Room 303
University of Southern Maine Campus
95 Bedford St.
Admission: FREE!

We will feature films done locally and across the globe.  Schedule is subject to change.

7:00 pm – Introductions

7:10 pm – Our Locally Made film
Resoled, US, 2011, 50 min., ASL. Director: Robert Gillies with students at the Portland High School. Resoled is the story of Harry, a door to door salesman, who sells a product of dubious value. With his sales numbers down, he is given one last chance to keep his job. Out on the streets, his luck does not improve. Indeed, it seems his fortunes have dipped even further as his shoes start to fall apart. But chance has brought Harry to a cobbler’s store, and his encounters inside could end up fixing more than just his shoes.

8:00 pm – Guest Speaker: Director Rob Gillies and students involved with the film


maine deaf film festival update

Deaf Film Festival committee member Barney Vega going over the film festival schedule

We are also excited to welcome Shoshanna Stern to the festival! She will be presenting after the blockbuster film The Hammer on Friday!

Below is the film schedule for all your viewing pleasure!

10th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival Schedule

Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Payson Smith, Room 303

7:00 pm – Introductions
7:10 pm – Our Locally Made film
Resoled, 55 min.
8:00 pm – Talk with Director Rob Gillies and students involved with the film
8:15 pm – Deaf cops, lawyers and a dog
Deaf Beat, 17 min.
Gone with the Time, 10 min.
The Shredder, 3.25 min.
9:05 pm – Artistic Pursuits I
Silent Classics: The Proprietor, 20 min.
Interstice, France, 24 min.

additional day added!

Please join us Wednesday, April 11th 2012 for Maine Deaf Film Festival’s Amateur night!  From 7-9p at Payson Smith Hall on the University of Southern Maine’s Portland Campus – Room 303 We will feature amateur filmmakers local and around the world! FMI check out This Year’s Films page.

the call for entries form

Maine Deaf Film Festival ( is devoted to showcasing the work of independent film and video artists. We are looking for work that exhibits exceptional artistry, insight, and innovation in all categories and genres. All lengths and genres are accepted for possible consideration, including experimental, animation, documentary, and narrative films. Read more…

Wrapping up!

We’re all getting excited for our 10th year!  We have recently added another night: Thursday Night! This evening will be titled: “Maine Deaf Film Festival – A Retrospective.”  We will unearth various films that have been shown in previous festivals.  This will happen from 7:30-10:30p. General admission is $5, USM Read more…