Tonight is our retrospective of our past 9 years! Come celebrate and enjoy the best films shown in our previous festivals! Join us for Deaf Night Out at Bull Feeney’s after tonight! 375 Fore St, Portland.  Directions can be found here

THURSDAY NIGHT – A Retrospective: 7:30 – 10:30p;
Deaf Night Out After the last film at Bull Feeney’s, 375 Fore St, Portland

Luther Bonney Talbot Auditorium
95 Bedford St
University of Southern Maine Portland Campus

General Admission: $5
USM Students FREE with Student ID

We will look back on our previous festival years and view our favorite selected shorts over the years. Schedule is subject to change.

7:30 pm – Introductions
7:40 pm –
From 2003:

Alice and the Aurifactor, Germany, 1995, 28 min, German Sign Language with German and English subtitles. Director: Jorg Fockele.
From 2004:
To Have/To Find, USA, 1991, 6 min, ASL. Director: Susan Dupor. This hand-animated film is the tale of a young Deaf girl’s escape from reality with her dog, Lucky. The film draws upon the artist’s personal experiences.
From 2005:
Mr. V, USA 3.5 min, ASL and English subtitles. Director: Wayne Betts. The intrepid Mr. V scales tremendous obstacles and the kitchen table. Where is he going and what will he find?

8:20 pm
From 2006:
Text, Batteries, and Earwax, UK, 2003, 16 min, BSL/English subtitles. Director: Jonathan Reid. Comical drama focuses on the unlikely friendship between Lenny and Steve, two very different D/deaf men.
Don’t Mind, US, 2005, 12 min. ASL. Director: Patti Durr. Bill is unexpectedly asked to babysit a neighbor’s daughter. The child brings confusion and chaos into his life and something more.
From 2007:
Coming Out, UK, 2007, 5 min, BSL/English subtitles. Directors: Charlie Swinborne and Louis Neethling. A quirky comedy about Deaf identity, which sees a deaf teenager reveal a personal secret to his hearing mother. Just why does he have “dirty” magazines, videos and electronic gadgets hidden in his room? What will his father say when he gets home? The secrets he reveals, and their reaction, questions whether family life will ever be the same again.
Deaf Person’s Guide to the Sound Sensitive, UK, 2005, 4 min, BSL/English subtitles. Director: James Banks. Deaf-awareness training is turned on its head as a deaf scientist leads us through identification, care and stimulation of ‘The Sound Sensitive”
Vital Signs, USA 2006, 4 min, ASL/English subtitles. Director: Wayne Betts, Jr. and Chad Taylor. A short film about a character who was told he has a terminal heart condition and only one week left to live. Vital Signs shows you this powerful, emotional journey of “What if?”
From 2008:
Chalkboard, USA, 2005, 3 min, with sound. Director: Alice Lo. Warning to the sound-sensitive:  a chalkboard will make you sorry you can hear!
Four Deaf Yorkshiremen, UK, 2007, 10 min, BSL/English subtitles. Director: Charlie Swinborne. Inspired by the UK classic sketch “The Four Yorkshiremen,” Charlie Swinbourne adapted it to Deaf characters, resulting in this hilarious short film.  Join these four Deaf Yorkshiremen as they tell you their vivid stories and compete for £10 over whose got it worse!
Horatio, UK. 2007. 9 min, BSL/English subtitles. Director: Louis Neethling. A mysterious man drops in at a hole-in-the-wall bookshop.  He seems to be a menacing vagabond – but as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

9:30 pm
From 2009:
Deaf Man, USA, 2008 11 min, ASL/English subtitles. Director: Julia Dameron. An accessible yet thought-provoking short movie that addresses the destiny of Deaf people in an age of technological improvements such as the cochlear implant.
From 2010:
A Fishy Tale, New Zealand, 2009, 7 min, NZSL/English subtitles. Director: Pollyanna Ferguson. A rumor of an affair gone wild gets innocent victims stuck in the middle.
The Compost, New Zealand, 2009, 7 min, NZSL/English subtitles. Director: Brent Macpherson. A Deaf worker on a compost farm plans to retaliate against his boss who is insensitive to Deaf people.
A Million Pounds Don’t Come For Free, 2007, UK, 8.25 min, BSL/English subtitles. Director: Sam Dore. In this dark comedy, a Deaf crook has stolen a million pounds and a pair of violent criminals try whatever methods they can to find out where the money is.  But with a large amount of cash waiting to be found, we see how far people are willing to go for money.
From 2011:
Fish Cultural Identification, Cheeseburger Story, The Deaf Moth Theory, The Hotel Joke and Conversations with Doctors, USA 2010. 8 min, ASL/subtitles. Director: Robyn Girard. Animation shorts that incorporate Deaf themes and classic stories with graphic design.
Beyond Essays, USA 2010,12 min, ASL/English subtitles. Director: Julia Dameron. A student faces off with her malicious English professor in a battle of determination and wit.
Hands Solo, UK, 2010, 15 min, BSL/English subtitles. Director: William Mager. In this mockumentary, a Deaf man soars to the top of the adult movie industry because of his digit dexterity. In spite of his newfound stardom, can Hands Solo get a grip of his life?

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