The 18th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival Committee is a collaboration of Deaf community members and ASL students. We welcome you to join us on April 3rd at Governor Baxter School for the Deaf & 4th on the University of Southern Maine Portland Campus.

Info about MDFF2020!

Posted by Kelly Fitzgerald on Monday, February 3, 2020

[Video Description by Hannah Kenison: There are five people standing against a blue wall. Starting from the left is Sandra Wood, she has dark red hair in a ponytail and glasses and is wearing a green shirt with pink and white flowers, a light brown open-front cardigan over it, and jeans. Maren Moulison is next, she has black hair in a ponytail and is wearing a zip-up dark blue Hollister hoodie with black leggings. Nick Sabasteanski has dark brown hair in a ponytail and is wearing a black t-shirt, has a dogtag hanging around his neck, and a pair of jeans. Hannah Kenison has brown shoulder-length hair and glasses and is wearing a maroon t-shirt with jeans and a white belt. Jay Stonerook has short, dark red hair and is wearing a black t-shirt with a dark blue pullover and brown pants.]

Update- Transcript by Hannah Kenison:
Sandra: Hello, my name is Sandra Wood. I work at University of Southern Maine in Portland as a Linguistics professor and run the ASL program as well. This video is about the Maine Deaf Film Festival (MDFF). These students run ASL Club and are helping to run MDFF as well.
Maren: My name is Maren Moulison and I am the President of ASL Club.
Nick: My name is Nick Sabasteanski and I am the Vice President (VP) of ASL Club.
Hannah: Hello! My name is Hannah Kenison and I am the Treasurer of ASL Club.
Jay: My name is Jay Stonerook and I am the Secretary of ASL Club.
Sandra: Now we’d like to give you more information about MDFF.
Maren: This year is the 18th annual MDFF.
Nick: MDFF will be happening this year Friday, April 3rd and Saturday, April 4th.
Hannah: MDFF will be in two locations: Friday night will be at Baxter on Mackworth Island, and Saturday will be all day here at USM at the Science Building, room 165.
Jay: This year, the theme will be “Sisters around the World”. We will be watching movies in many different signed languages around the world that are related to ASL. It’ll be really exciting!
Sandra: We are all very excited for this theme and to show you some great movies. We all hope you can come! If you have any questions, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to answer it!